Great Doctors, I Highly Recommend!
I have been to Southwest Integrative Medicine for a few different things now. Most recently they put me on their HCG Weight Loss diet protocol. I was able to lose 45 pounds very quickly and surprisingly easy. This brought my high blood pressure back down to normal. I will go back to them in the future.

A New Beginning.
Thank you so much to the doctors at SWIM!! They helped me lose 70 lbs, lower my cholesterol, and blood pressure. I have never felt better in my life after dealing with diabetes for 35 years. Thanks again!

Saved My Life!!!
My weight was getting so out of control. I started their HCG weight loss diet program and lost 32 lbs! I have been able to reduce my blood pressure medicine, fit back in my clothes, and have tons more energy… Now I am back to eating and my desire for foods has changed drastically. I can hardly handle sugars and it has been very easy to maintain this weight loss… This program is the answer, Call Dr. Cline for an appointment to see if their weight loss program is right for you.

The Best Dr.’s in the World, the Best Caring Doctors in the World.
There aren’t a lot left and Dr. T and Dr. C are the best. They do care about getting you healthy and even stubborn patients like myself they are patient with and that’s a feat in itself. I would highly recommend them to anyone and have!

Dr. Fulton was extremely friendly, informative & helpful. Great Customer Service provided by the staff
-Stephanie P.

I have tried HCG elsewhere and always gained the weight back because no one ever explained my long-term nutritional needs. H2MD was able to create a diet transition plan that was customized for my unique nutritional needs.  I was so impressed to have a MD and a dietician helping every step of the way. The meal replacements on the Stay Slim plan rock!
-Tim C.

Dr. Beard is a true weight loss expert. She went over so many things about my weight, health and lifestyle that no one had ever addressed. Once I had my health concerns addressed the HCG worked liked a charm. I really feel that this was my last “diet”. I can finally keep the weight off.
-Alice M.

I lost 15 lbs. on the detox and another 32 lbs. on HCG. When I had done HCG before I had always plateaued and never got to my goal. Doing the detox before HCG made me feel so much better and I never plateaued on HCG. I would tell people to never think about doing HCG without doing the detox first. The original Simeons’ HCG protocol called for a detox but almost no one includes it. H2MD does and it works great! Now they are working with me to create my long-term meal plan. From start to finish I have been in the hands of the experts.
-Bill D.

I was a wreck. I had tried everything before and never had success. Dr. Beard identified the areas that I needed to address before even starting the diet program. I had hormonal issues, food allergies and knew nothing about exercise or cooking. Step by step the staff at H2MD addressed all of my barriers before and during the 12-week anti-inflammatory program w/HCG. They changed my life. It was not just weight loss it was a complete health and lifestyle overhaul. I can’t believe they had an answer and an expert for every issue that I had. Don’t waste your money on any program that does not treat weight loss as a medical issue. The staff at H2MD is amazing.
-Amanda P.

The lab panels that H2MD did were more extensive than anything that I had ever had done. It covered everything! It addressed hormonal imbalances, genetic polymorphisms, nutrient deficiencies, and inflammatory markers to assess my risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and pre diabetes. They covered more than the executive physical that I had done elsewhere and had paid over a thousand dollars. They truly treated my weight issue as a medical condition. My goal was to lose weight AND get healthy. They did both for me and I feel so grateful to have found them. Detox, HCG, meal planning, supplements and meal replacements all for the price that most charge for HCG alone!
-Paul B.

Anju has helped me lose 20 lbs in one month by just a change in diet. I was voraciously hungry before and had lots of losses on any kind of a diet. With the proper supplements and diet the weight is dropping off fast. I am so grateful. I am not hungry or starved doing this. Thank you Anju for a job well done.

I started to struggle with my weight later on in life. I had been trying to lose weight when a co-worker told me about Diet Doc and the various diet plans they offer. I went on the one that is a hormone injection. I investigated different companies and decided to use Diet Doc because I felt that the protocol would fit my lifestyle the best.

The results were life changing. I feel more energetic and confidant in my daily life. I lost 100 pounds in 4 months and my body fat is when I had my Hydrostatic weighing was 21.8%.

I was not hungry like I thought I would be. I actually enjoyed all the foods I ate. While on this plan I was able to change some of my bad eating habits…giving up soda, refined sugar, and processed foods!

I have been “off” the hormone injections for four months and haven’t gained any weight. This diet works because it teaches you how to eat right and about portion control. I have recommended this diet to friend and family and I will keep recommending them because this diet works!
-Bobbie, Puyallup, WA

When I started the program with diet doc I was 210 pounds. I tried other exercise and low carb regimens but they just didn’t work. Diet doc changed my life. The hormone diet injections are fantastic. With Diet Doc, I always felt supported. Help or advice was always just a phone call away. The company provides service nationwide. I felt that they were always there when I needed them. Today I weigh 155 pounds I’m very comfortable in my body and now I can work to maintain my weight through a low carb diet and exercise.
-Janelle M.

When I turned 30 I got sick and was put on antibiotics and steroids which started a downward tumble. I started to gain weight, had hair loss, and a whole host of problems which ended with my being diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I eventually was able to stabilize most of my problems but I couldn’t lose weight no matter what I did. Over the years I continued to gain weight and try many different diets with very little success (might lost 5-10 lbs but never anything significant and it took months and was very unmotivating). At 46 years of age, I reached my all time high of 252 lbs in July 2013 when I started on HCG shots with Diet Doc. I went through multiple rounds of shots with great success. I reached a low of 148 lbs and stabilized at 155 which I’ve maintained for 6 months. I’d love to be able to lose about 10-15 more pounds so I look better in a bathing suit but I’m happy with where I am and how much better I feel.
-Jan W.

I am one of the success stories for Diet Doc. I lost 50 pounds on the HCG hormone injection diet. This diet will introduce you to another way of eating healthy and staying on the path to wonderful health both physically and mentally. I have gone from size 18-20 clothing to size 8-10. I sleep soundly and have more energy than I have in years. The hormones and “B” injections work together to assist you in weight loss that is seen weekly on the log (which you fill out daily). My starting weight was 210 pounds; my weight at the end of a 3 month period was 160 pounds. I lost the weight drastically the first couple weeks then .4 to .6 pounds a day thereafter. The team of people assisting you via phone are knowledgeable and friendly. There are guidelines that MUST BE FOLLOWED, as in any diet, by following them, I have proven to be a success story
-Teresa T., Murfreesboro, TN

I have battled with my weight for my entire life. My Dad is a big man, his Mother was a big lady. I have not been spared of gaining weight very easily. In the last 20 years I have had three major Fats and three really good Skinnies. This last fat was really out of control so, I know I need a little help. I am 48 and it takes a much longer time to loose weight at this stage of the game.

My business partner did the Diet Doc hormone injections and I asked him what he was doing and he told me. My wife and I were going to Hawaii and we really didn’t want to go there Fat, so both of us got on the Diet Doc program. After 8 week, I lost 32 lbs. She lost 22 lbs in the same time. We did it together which really helped.

Now after losing the weight, I went back to the gym, and I feel great. I have gained back some weight, but my pants size went from a 39 waist at 212lbs 5’7″, 23% body fat, to a very svelt 185 and 13.5% body fat and 32/33 waist. I found that it was much easier getting back into shape once the weight was gone. What I learned is that losing weight is done at the Mouth Level and getting in shape is done at the gym, not the other way around!

I’m 48, my wife is 49 and we have four children from 22 to 12 and we are very busy, just like everyone else. However, after taking the time to loss the weight and start doing some basic cardio and weight training, we have been able to lead a much better lifestyle, a healther life style

To sum it up, I learned from The Diet Doc program, not how to diet but how to eat again, taking out the salt, sugar and artificial sweeteners, made a big difference in how I felt. Drinking the protein shakes and reducing the meal sizes, makes the difference and I lost the weight. When I went off the hormone injections, my stomach had shrunk and through the Diet Doc program I have established good eating habits. I have been able to maintain my overall weight loss. I plan on going back on the hormone injections for another four weeks to reduce my body fat a little more.  My goal is to go to my 30 High school reunion at about 175 and 10% body fat. We can’t do anything about the loss of our hair as men, but we sure can do something about that belly.

I don’t think we can add a minute to your lives, but staying in good health, eating right and exercising, can make the quality of our lives as we get older so much better and fulfilling it is worth the hard work and effort.
Mike P. 

My hunger would get out of control in the evenings. I literally wouldn’t eat much all day, go home and would make poor eating choices. Diet Doc was able to diagnosis this issue and solved it by putting me on a prescription medication that helps eliminate these types of cravings. I lost 48 pounds and feel so much better, my entire outlook on life has changed. I highly recommend Diet Doc as the doctors get to the root cause of why I struggled losing weight.
-Michelle F.

I had over 80 pounds to lose and felt very discouraged, like I could never achieve this much weight loss. Using the other weight loss programs only resulted in 2 to 3 pounds per week. I felt as if it would take a solid year to get that amount of weight off! I ended up consulting with a Diet Doc doctor and was put on an individualized program where I lost ½ pound per day. I was not hungry at all. I’m down 60 pounds and still working on the remaining 20. I have been on the program almost 4 months. My skin is not sagging like I thought it would be due to the food combinations I’ve been eating. Believe me when I tell you this diet works and it does so FAST!
-Martha P., San Diego, CA 

Diet Doc’s hormone injections were my last hope to becoming healthy, it is more than a diet it’s a lifestyle. The support system that the staff provides is beyond helpful, they care deeply about your success, and are available to help at all times. I have been obese for 16 years and I never thought I could be set free from the chains of being overweight. I am living a more active lifestyle and I feel GREAT! At the age of 47 my life has just begun. So pick up the phone and make the call, your new life awaits you…
-Kathleen W., Corpus Christi, TX

I’ve been an emotional eater most of my adult life. I have never been able to control it. With Diet Doc, the doctor was able to help me understand why this has happened to me my entire adult life and prescribed a medication that took this emotional eating away from me. Although, I am not model-skinny, I am happier, fit into clothes much better and can shop in the regular stores.
-Gayle J.

I wanted to try the HCG diet because Dr. Mielke tried it herself and had success. I was able to lose fat in my tummy and bottom half of my body, which was impossible in the past but with the HCG diet, I lost fat in my tummy, thighs, hips and bottom. My husband started giving me many compliments as I was slimming down. When others notice, you know you are succeeding!

The food preparation was very easy to follow and although I was a bit squeamish about giving myself a shot, my nurse taught me a trick so that it was a painless process. Overall, I was very pleased with the results as I got that “kick-start” that I needed to get my weight under control and change the way I eat. I would recommend this diet to anyone who has had trouble losing weight in those stubborn spots and is willing to change their nutritional lifestyle.

I was NOT ready to give up and accept that I was always going to be overweight!! I was fed up with 20+ years if unsuccessful weight loss attempts. I’d spent years trying different combinations of fad diets, exercise programs, gym memberships, and basically anyone’s so-called “advice.” I decided that it was time to invest in my health and stop trying to do it on my own. I had recently seen a friend who was on a program called HCG and was having great success. I started doing research online and found that Optimal Health Spectrums offered this program, so I made an appointment. What I liked most about my initial visit was that Dr. Mielke spent time talking to me about all aspects of my health, not just the HCG program. Through this question and answer time, it seemed pretty clear that she believed there was more going on that needed checking into. So I got started on the HCG, but also went in for several blood tests

After 3 weeks on HCG I had lost 16.5 lbs. I was ecstatic and feeling better than I have felt in years. I decided to tough it through for another 3 weeks and I was grateful to have Liz and the other members of Dr. Mielke’s team cheering me on and giving me encouragement through the whole thing. I won’t tell anyone that it was easy. It is very strict and some days it took all my strength and willlpower not to cheat. At at the end of the maintenance phase, I had lost a total of 33 lbs and 11 1/4 inches.

I saw Dr. Mielke several times while on HCG because my blood tests turned up more issues that had been contributing to my weight loss challenges. As Dr. Mielke works with me on these other issues, I continue to feel great and I am still losing weight! For the first time in my life, I’m reaping the benefits that eating right and exercising has to offer. I can see and feel the difference not just physically, but also in my confidence and self esteem.
-C. S.

The HCG diet has been nothing short of a miracle in my life. Like anything worth doing, it was hard at first, but as the days progressed I started experiencing more than baggy clothes and lower numbers on the scale. (Which was exciting enough!) My thinking became clearer, my memory improved, my creativity grew and my optimism soared. I was spending less time thinking and worrying about food and that released me to concentrate on the more important things in my life: God, my family, my friends and my hobbies! I was experiencing freedom from the power of food. Toxins were flushed from my body, my digestion improved, my sugar craving disappeared and I felt better than I ever had in my entire life!! After six weeks on HCG and three weeks of maintenance (and 25 released pounds later!) the healthy habits I have acquired are an ingrained part of my life. I have stopped drinking chemically laden diet sodas, cut out processed foods (I enjoy a few gluten-free products now and again), eat organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible, buy lean meat and only use Stevia as a sweetener in my coffee and tea. I feel like I am finally using food in the way God intended for me to use it and to me that is a miracle!
-Danville, CA

Before the HCG Diet I was headed down the wrong path, one which could have led me to Diabetes or even an early heart attack, knowing that I have a strong family history of these conditions. I had horrible eating habits. My diet consisted of mainly refined sugars, and I ate out for most meals.  I had been doing Zumba workouts at least four times a month for about three months, and only had lost six pounds, which was very discouraging.  Since starting the diet, not only have I lost 15 lbs in less than a month, and been able to maintain that weight loss, but now my lifestyle has been completely transformed.  I eat easy home-cooked meals every day, with lean protein and tons of vegetables. And since I no longer crave all the bad foods I once lived off of, now my healthier diet sustains and fulfills me.  I’ve also noticed a huge improvement in my overall health since starting the diet.  My blood sugar levels, which were once erratic, have totally stabilized.  My energy levels that used to fluctuate minute to minute now remain consistent throughout the day.  I feel so much better, have way more energy, no more stomach bloating and I’m almost at my pre-baby weight for the first time in over four years.  Needless to say, my clothes fit better, my skin has cleared up, and I feel so much more confident.  To sum it up in one sentence, the HCG Diet has changed my life.  Thank you, Dr. Mielke, for giving me this amazing opportunity!
-A. C.

After having my two children, I found myself struggling to lose weight no matter how hard I tried.  Diet after diet was unsuccessful. I decided that I would try the HCG diet after seeing Dr. Mielke’s weight loss success.  Three weeks later and 17 lbs lighter, I feel great!!  Stomach bloating is gone, energy level has increased, and I no longer have the desire to eat unhealthy foods.  The HCG program really helped me realize that it wasn’t just a diet, it was a lifestyle change.  I now have a healthier outlook on life.  The best part is that I have been able to maintain my weight loss.  With dedication and motivation, you too can have the same success.  Thank you, Dr. Mielke, for having saved my health
-C. C.

At the age of 64, I was told by my medical doctor that I needed to lose around 120 lbs due to a change in the results of my blood work.  My cholesterol, glucose and other signs of deterioration of one’s body showed that I was about to be in trouble and a candidate for a large set back.  I was stymied as to how to make this life change in order to live a long and health life.  And I knew I had to do something for a long time as I had lost a great deal of self esteem.  Being visible in a professional world, I started to realize I was truly the obese one in meetings and at social functions. The news of needing to lose weight was not a surprise; but how to do it seemed to be the issue.

Dr. Melinda Silva was recommended to me by my family physician.  The first consultation was amazing as I left that meeting feeling that I was on the right path.  Her positive attitude and enthusiasm was contagious.  And now 15 months later I am still a believer!  At the first consultation Dr. Silva asked me if I trusted her.  I agreed that I did as I felt comfortable with her approach and enthusiasm.   She said “I am going to transform you if you will just follow my instructions.”  And truly a major transformation has occurred over this time period.

I have presently lost 102 lbs.  During the last 15 months I did 3 sessions of HCG injections for 40 days each. I have maintained my exercise and diet program since then with periodic visits to Dr. Silva for my MyoPro  Dietary supplement (medical grade), Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D supplements.  Beth, her office administrator greets me with such a personal attitude and I feel so at home each visit.  The support of the clinic has empowered me to research and also assist my family and friends to achieve some of their own health goals.  My success has gained attention from my peers and I am often approached by well wishers and yet inquisitive comments as to how did I do it. .  And the best part is when my friends and family who haven’t seen me for a while comment on how ‘fabulous’ I look! They even tell me that I have lost enough weight and just maintain it!

As a result of my losing this amount of weight, I found that the other options available at the clinic such as Botox and Exilis treatments which have assisted in correcting physical features in very positive ways.  Recently I had to take an identification photo which is renewed annually.  The difference in 12 months is amazing as I truly feel that I have adjusted my visible age back 15 years. Without hesitation and with great pride, I recommend Dr. Silva’s anti-aging clinic.  My life has changed and now my way of life has also changed to the positive because of Dr. Silva
-Paul S.

I was diagnosed in 2004 with chronic lower back pain by Navy doctors. Since then, I have struggled with weight loss and keeping it off. I first heard of Dr. Melinda Silva through Groupon where I purchased a package for Exilis. The day of my first treatment, I heard of the HcG diet. I was skeptical at first just because of my past experiences. After I learned about what it could do for me, I decided to go ahead and try it. When I first met Dr. Silva, I was just absolutely amazed. She is caring and concerned for my health and wants nothing but the satisfaction of knowing that she improved my quality of life. She did a 180 with my quality of life. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for years. Recently, I began having TMJ pain in my jaw because I grind my teeth at night (a symptom of stress and anxiety). After 5 days of being on the diet, my jaw pain had decreased immensely. After about 10 days, it was gone. It still hurts every now and then but it is to where it is manageable and not very noticeable. I also noticed a major improvement in my mood and energy levels and I feel fantastic! I haven’t felt this great in such a long time. I am currently on week 4 of the HcG diet and I have lost a total of 15 pounds! Along with the HcG diet, I am having Exilis treatments at Dr. Silva’s office. Overall, to this date, I have lost ½” off my neck, 2 ½” off my waist, and 2” off my hips. Dr. Silva and her office have been nothing but blessings to me and I am grateful to have such caring, considerate, helpful, motivating, amazing people in my life. I would recommend ANYONE to Dr. Silva’s office! She will change your life in a positive way!
-Janelle F.

Before measurements: 257.6 pounds 44.75 inches
After measurements: 213.6 pounds 40.75 inches
The hCg Diet, when administrated by a licensed doctor, really works and the results are amazing!

I have been concerned with my weight for about 10 years, but never really had the time or willpower to do something about it. Recently, I realized I was having a hard time keeping up with my kids, experienced difficulty in sleeping and just felt like I was out of energy. More than any of that, though, was the shock I received when I took my most recent family picture — I was huge!

The weight didn’t come on all at once. Over the last decade, I have probably steadily put on about 5 pounds per year. While one year I took some initiative and lost about 25 pounds through vigorous workouts, it was a lifestyle that I couldn’t sustain — hey, I was a college student that was working more than one job and once I found a new girlfriend (now my wife), I unfortunately chose to sacrifice my gym time to get everything else done. The weight came back and continued to climb. My BMI reached 34, and I knew that over 30 was considered obese — even one of my doctors told me that it was time to start paying attention to my body’s needs.

While I have been steady at around 250-255 lbs for the past year or so and knew that I was overweight, I just couldn’t seem to lose any weight by doing what I thought would really help — cutting and counting calories. My primary care physician told me to cut things like bread and focus more on vegetables — I ate a lot of veggies as instructed, but it only took about 4 lbs over the course of about 8 months. This was too slow. I wanted to exercise, but my body would hurt after exercise so much, and I kept getting sick. I needed something that would kick-start my weight loss and help me “reset” my body. Then my wife learned about hCg and introduced e to it.

As it was explained to me, you take hCg, cut your calories, and don’t exercise. By doing this, the claim was that I could lose 30-40 lbs. What?!? This intrigued me, so I started to learn more about it. I found out that there are many strains of hCg out there, but only a couple that are the legitimate product, and to be safe, I wanted to have a doctor help me. I tried walking into a clinic that was offering the product at a reduced rate, but found it to be too far away and I wasn’t sure if it was the real hCg or not. That’s when I came across Dr. Melinda Silva. Her office was very helpful and walked me through the process before I even set foot in the office. I knew what to expect every step of the way, which made the journey a lot smoother for me.

I started the hCg diet with a weight of 257.6 lbs. Then, 40 days later, I stood on the scale and weighed 213.6 lbs — 44 lbs lighter! I haven’t been this thin since I was married. How do I know? The pants I bought around that time and quickly outgrew were the only pants that would fit me – all my other clothes were just too big! I had kept them in the closet as a “target” for some future date, and now I have arrived at that future. While I still have a few pounds to lose (my target is 170), I am well on my way!

The most amazing thing to me about the diet is that even though I felt hungry, I was not overwhelmingly hungry. I was able to follow the instructions to the letter and the weight just peeled off. I realized through the program that I needed to make a lifestyle change, and not just take off the weight temporarily. I invested in the program with money, time and effort. I aim now to maintain and even continue to lose from that point, weighing in at 205.6 lbs as i write this – an additional 8 lbs since I have been off hCg! I really believe that the program has allowed me to reset my hypothalamus and the smarter choices I make now when I eat are paying off. Also, now that I am lighter, I have less back pain, less indigestion, more energy, less strain on my knees, and more confidence. I have another problem now — I have to buy a new wardrobe!

I really want to thank Dr. Silva and her staff for their incredible support over my transformation and express my heartfelt gratitude for their guidance over the past few months. I am taking this opportunity to really change and make this stick.

“Helped me feel better about myself”
Ed came to see Dr. Mantell after trying to lose weight on his own. In Ed’s own words, “I love this place. They helped me feel better about myself and give me the willpower to say I can do this. Love love love HCG!”

“Lost 20 lbs”
D’Ann is a mom of three. D’Ann tried to get back her pre-baby body on her own and just couldn’t make it happen.

With the help of Dr. Mantell and his wellness team, D’Ann lost 20 pounds in only 7 weeks and now fits into her high school cheerleading outfit!

“Trust in the process and you will see the results”
Angela is a weight loss Superstar! Angela followed Dr. Mantell’s program perfectly and her results show. In Angela’s testimony she says, “Trust in the process and you will see the results. Struggling with weight can make a person feel ashamed and it’s hard to ask for help. Just remember you are not alone! After years of struggling with being chubby to obese I finally decided, after a coworker brought me to Dr. Mantell’s office, I was going to go for it and make no excuses.” Angela has lost over 51 pounds and now says she has her life back!

EASIEST DIET I HAVE EVER BEEN ON AND MOST SUCCESSFULl!!! Dr. Mantell has a plan to meet your weight loss goals and a plan to keep it off! The experience was so pleasant from the first meeting. Can I just say that I never felt better on this diet! Both physically and mentally. And the best part is that I wasn’t uncomfortable or hungry! And I had an abundance of energy! I was in very good hands with the staff starting with Dr. Mantell who is a medical physician and really cares. Most of the staff have done the diet so can speak first hand. This was very helpful. They were full of tips and hints. Each week the monitored visits helped ensure that I was on my way to continued success. The staff was also very encouraging. I found the office very pleasant and professional. I am so grateful for Dr. Mantell and his wellness team. There is a way to lose weight comfortably and healthfully. Go see for yourself with a visit to the office. I’m so glad I did! I also feel very confident that if I need anything more from Dr. Mantell and his team in the future, they will accommodate me with the most welcome arms.
–Victoria, San Juan Capistrano, CA

“Lost 22 lbs”
Sherry was only 6 weeks into her journey and had already lost 22 pounds. When Sherry lost 30 pounds she told us about her physical with her primary M.D. “Lifestyle changes have been so positive for me. Had my physical today and hit my 30 pound weight loss goal. My BP is 117/78! Oh and did I mention the OBESITY word is now OFF my medical chart!!! Thanks for all your support!”

“Followed the program to a T”
Sharm is a success story of our office! She followed the HCG protocol to a T and worked out. (working out is not required while taking HCG). Sharm hit her goal fast and just keeps on going. She looks and feels amazing! We even have Sharm’s before & after photos in our window to inspire others for a healthy lifestyle.

“Lost 70 Lbs”
Jeff lost 70 Pounds and is so happy with his new journey! Jeff sent Dr. Mantell a wonderful testimony. ” I was so un-healthy. I can’t believe that was me not to long ago. Love you guys! Thanks for all the help. Now I plan to get cut up and stay healthy! Thanks for helping me get my old self back again.” We are so excited and thankful that Jeff has allowed us to share his photos and journey to looking and feeling amazing!

“I now enjoy life and show the world the new me”
Kathy tried for years to lose that extra belly roll that just didn’t want to go away! Kathy said, “I’m so happy I found Premier! I have a new lease on life! I had tried many other weight loss programs and I didn’t have any results! I’m now enjoying life and so excited to show the world the new me! I could never of transformed without the help of everyone at Premier. I highly recommend Dr. Mantell and his wellness team to anyone trying to lose weight and keep it off! The best part is that I now know the importance of eating real, clean food. Thank you so much for helping me on my new healthy lifestyle mission.”

“I see the body fat disappear”
Pati gave Dr. Mantell a wonderful review! “I am having the best weight loss journey ever and having tried absolutely everything, that is saying a lot! I am literally seeing the body fat disappear. I have an amazing coach Jennifer, she has been supporting me since day one. I feel amazing!”

I wanted to thank you so much for everything you did for me. You changed my LIFE!! I came into the clinic overweight, sad, lack of libido. With the help of HCG, bio identical hormones and the supportive caring staff I finally have my high school figure back. My body looks great. I felt awesome on the HCG injections and the weight melted off of me. My friends said “every time I see you, you look thinner”. People noticed the 40 pounds I lost in 40 days. My blood sugar decreased, I got off all prescription medications. My joints didn’t hurt anymore. I also started the bio identical hormones. I sleep better, regained my sex life back. What more could a girl of 50 ask for? Thank you again giving me my life back!!
-Lisa H. (ago 50)

I am very happy with Biotwin. Not only did I lose weight, I was also able to keep it off. I feel great and most important: I like what I see when I look in the mirror. I highly recommend to get a consultation. You have nothing to lose but weight.
-Kat (age 33)

“This place has what you would call a good bed side manner. Lori really took the time to make sure all my questions were answered and was so patient, attentive and sweet about anything that arose during the program. It really made a difference in my results I received. I highly recommend this place.”
-Lisa (age 34)

I am a 60 year old male who lost 40 pounds around my waist in about 3 to 4 months! After a “permanent New Year’s resolution” of losing weight for the past 10 years, I ended up teaming with Lori at the center. Wow! What a difference, FINALLY got the weight off with Lori’s guidance and POSITIVE support. Yes, I had to do the work but Lori set me up on a plan that I could follow to SUCCESS! Thanks to Lori and her staff.

The moment I walked into HCG Waist Management, I was treated professionally and the staff treated me with great care. Within minutes “Michele” came into the room and gave me an explanation on what HCG was and what I had to do to drop the weight. I totally felt at ease and the program was explained in detail. To certify the program, I was introduced to Dr. Bart Gershenbaum and he explained certain concerns about my weight and what I had to do for the program to work effectively.

When I started the program, on October 4th, I weighed in at 275-pounds. Today being day 39…I’ve lost 32-pounds weighing in at 243-pounds and I have lost a great amount of inches. I want to achieve 225…18-pounds away from my college weight. At the end of my journey, I want to have lost 50-pounds. I feel so good, comfortable and so well treated, that I’ve recommended at least a dozen of my friends and they’ve lost 100’s of pounds year to date.

The program is so professionally designed there is no way you can possibly fail. Every two weeks they check my blood pressure, measure me for inches lost and they totally motivate me to continue my journey towards great weight loss!

In closing, you can email any questions you have and they respond right away. I enjoy the great snacks they offer and all types of delicious foods to assist you throughout the program.

Thank you HCG Waist Management for my great success in weight loss and my new look!
-Stanley R., PA

After meeting Dr. Bart Gershenbaum accidentally through my business, my life immediately began to change. After having four children I became excessively overweight and had no time to exercise. I tried everything to lose weight but nothing worked. At 248 Pounds I decided to take Dr, Gershenbaum’s advice. The first visit at the office I felt very comfortable with the staff, they were wonderful. Jim O’Conner P.A. taught me everything I needed to know to be successful, how to diet property, inject the needle and he answered all of my questions. I called Michele so much about everything that I put her on my speed dial! During my first 45 Days on the program I lost 44 Pounds. During maintenance I stayed within a couple of pound and maintained my weight loss. I then started my second, 45 day round on the program, and lost an addition 27 pounds, bringing my total weight loss to 71 pound in just 90 days! I never had time to work out and I never had to. I’ve referred all of my friends, family and co-workers to HCG waist management, even strangers I’d meet out and about. My before and after picture are amazing and I show them to as many people as possible. I can’t believe how much my body has changed. I look great, I feel feet fantastic and I have so much more energy for my children. I feel like a completely new woman

Recently, I saw a friend who looked amazing after her 40 pound weight loss. She explained to me she went on the HCG Weight Loss Program and lost 1 pound of fat per day. I was amazed, yet skeptical. So, of course, I quickly booked an appointment with Dr. G. He explained to me how HCG in combination with the HCG Weight Loss Program helped me lose 30% or more fat than diet and exercise alone. My weight loss was extremely fast and for the first time in 15 years, I was able to get down to the size I was at when I was 21 years old! I’ve been able to maintain my weight through this program and consider this a lifestyle change that has greatly impacted my life for the positive. I highly recommend this program to everyone!
Marissa C., Sunrise, F

After having my first child, I struggled with losing the weight I had gained during my pregnancy. As a new mom, I didn’t have time to go to the gym and I didn’t want to be one of those moms who walked around in stretch pants. I needed something easy, but I also didn’t want to feel deprived so that I had energy to take care of my daughter. A friend of mine told me about the HCG Diet and it has been great! It was healthy and easy, I had great energy, and I didn’t have to count calories, points, or fat grams. It was easy to stick with the plan – especially since I was seeing real results. I went from a size 14 to now a size 6 and the weight is still coming off!
-K. P., Coral Springs, FL

After struggling with 15 stubborn pounds, I did a search for fast, effective weight loss and learned about hCG. I made an appointment with Dr. G. and learned with the help of his team that my diet and lifestyle were the cause for not losing the unwanted weight. Within a few weeks, I saw my body transform and people at work, including friends and family all commented on the new me! I work in a larger office and after people saw the transformation in me, we ended up with 30 of us on the HCG Weight Loss Program! This is the last diet you will ever need to go on!
Ashley B., Miami, FL

My (now) husband and I wanted to lose weight before our wedding. I had bought the perfect dress that I want to fit into. We went on the program together and reached our goals in less than a month. He lost weight faster than me (not fair!), but by the time the wedding came I actually had to have my dress altered SMALLER than what it was. Let’s just say we book looked incredible laying on the beach on our honeymoon!
B. P., Miami Lakes, FL

I have been overweight from as far back as I can remember and could fill up an entire library with all of the diet books I have purchased over the years. I could lose some weight, but it would always come right back…if not more, once I stopped the diet. The HCG Diet program is really not just a diet, it is a healthy way to live. Yes, I have lost weight, but this time the weight is staying off because I am continuing to eat healthy. I still have more weight to lose, but this is easy to follow because I get to eat good foods. I have lost 40 inches total from my body and it’s not coming back.
S. D., Plantation, FL

I lost 20 pounds! I can’t believe how much I lost in my arms and in my stomach. My husband is in shock still when he sees my stomach. I think it was that 3rd night on it I slept like a log and every night since. Just like the other testimonials, I didn’t feel hungry. It was surprising how I could cook dinner for my family and not feel tempted. Thank you HCG Waist Management! I now weigh what I did before getting pregnant the 1st time!
Jenny S., Weston, FL

I have been on every diet known to man. A friend told me about the HCG shots and I thought, “oh well, another one to try.” Well this is it. I lost 42 lbs in a month in a half and 9.5 inches. I could not believe how easy. It really keeps you aware when weighing everyday, seeing a drop. I am so amazed how easy and how fast, without side effects except feeling great. Thank you so much!!. I still have 60 more lbs to go and I will send you a final after picture. People I work with are amazed. Thanks again!
-Paula C., Hollywood, FL

Thank you HCG Waist Management! I started the HCG Diet 32 days ago, I have officially lost just over 32 pounds. I have 14 days left on this diet plan and I need to lose at least another 25 pounds. Soon I will be entering round two, to complete my amazing transformation. I now see other people eating giant quantities of food, like I use to, and realize I no longer need that much food. My friends and family are amazed at the results and I feel really confident as a result of their positive comments to me. I have gone from a 38″ waist (tight) to a 34″ waist (loose), from an X-Large to a Large shirt size. I feel great, sleep great, have lots of energy, eat healthy, and most importantly I look great. This diet plan is so much easier than I expected and really works. Thanks again!
Jeff Y., Parkland, FL

I have certain health issues that keep me from the gym. I’ve gained weight over the last several years and tried everything. Well, they got the initial ten to twenty pounds off, but the weight came back. With the HCG Diet I lost twenty five pounds in my first fifteen days and actually quit at that point. It’s been two months, and I’ve gained nothing. I’ve actually lost 2 more pounds. My appetite has changed, and I can’t pig out like I used to. My sleep apnea has disappeared, I believe due to the weight loss. Thank You! This diet REALLY works!!!
Keith F., Miami, FL

I started out at 170 pounds and a size 14. I am now down to 139 pounds and a size 8! I can’t thank you enough. I am a customer for life.
B. T., Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am a regular exerciser but sometime around my late 40’s I couldn’t keep myself from constant weight gain no matter how little I ate… This diet is the true answer especially for women in their 50’s and menopause when your metabolism is sooooo slow! Thank you HCG Diet for helping me change my body for good!
-Susan M., Tamarac, FL

I am in my eighties and I have tried every diet out there. I have a very active life style but I always wanted to lose between 10-15 pounds but it was never possible. I just thought I would have to live with this extra weight but then someone told me to try the HCG Diet. At first I wanted to know if it was safe for a woman of my age and I was surprised to find out that it was. I still can’t believe that after trying everything, by following this diet while on HCG, the weight just melted off me. I have been off the HCG for 2 months and I haven’t gained anything back. What is truly amazing also is that I have been on cholesterol medication for years with minimal results and when I went to my cardiologist to check my blood, my cholesterol and triglycerides were better than they have been in 20 years!! This diet is truly amazing!! Now I know I’m going to live to be 100. Thanks HCG!!!
-Shirley G., Hollywood, FL

I was taking blood pressure meds among other prescriptions and I lost 30 lbs in the 26 days. My blood pressure came way down and now my doctor is lowering the dosage in order to get me off of them.” This diet is GREAT and the health benefits are amazing!!!
-Donnie M., Davie, FL

I’m a 56 year old male that has struggled with weight issues for over 10 years. Because of my risk factors for Hypertension and Diabetes, I’ve tried multiple diets without results. When I heard about the HCG diet, I was somewhat skeptical and didn’t believe that it would work. I started the diet on October 12.2010 weighing 260 pounds. I lost 12 pounds the first week. After 30 days I weigh 230 pounds and I am continuing to lose weight.

I feel great with more energy than ever! I am amazed at how the HCG diet is working for me and how effortless it has been to lose the weight. I would recommend this diet to anyone without hesitation.
Jose C., Homestead, FL

Lost over 100 Pounds
I remember last summer saying to myself “I’m not going to leave this earth looking the way I do.” It took me a while (ok, a long while) to get up the nerve to call Dr. Lara’s office. It took me a week to punch those numbers into the phone when I finally did decide. I didn’t want to start something I was going to fail at AGAIN, but I knew I had to push thru the embarrassment and just go for it. I didn’t tell anyone about the doctor visits or dieting. I had already tried dieting so many times, and my coworkers and family had already seen me fail miserably every time. I didn’t even tell my family and I’m very close to my sisters.

When I hit my 50 pound mark, I posted my before and after pictures on Facebook and announced to everyone what I’d been doing for the last 4 months. OMG, the comments were so great and it was just such a surprise to everyone…me included. I knew I’d lost, but oh my gosh, never did I realize how much until I was staring at the two pictures side by side. I posted another picture when I hit 75 pounds and I’m getting rave comments from my friends all over the world.

I visit my sisters for Spring Break every year, and I can’t wait to see them this year. What a difference they’re going to see. The first thing I do every week after my weigh in is text them with my new total loss. I give them a new total every week, and it’s so great to get their responses back. My older sister who is ‘technically challenged’ has learned to text just so she can get my text updates and reply back with her kudos for me. I don’t have any support in my house, so it’s really great having that support through texting and Facebook, especially from people who know how hard I’ve struggled with weight my whole life.

The support I get from my coworkers is wonderful. Today I came back from my weigh in and, of course, I’m always excited about my loss, but one of the girls was so excited for me. It gave me goose bumps to think someone was more excited than me. It sounded like we were having a party. She’s telling everyone what my new total is.

It’s so encouraging to know there are people rooting for me as hard as I am. I was so overwhelmed. This has been an incredible journey so far. I’ve just been taking it one week at a time, and each week propels me to the next one and the next and the next. I feel outstanding and this time I know I’m going to succeed.

Lost 115 Pounds
I quickly started to put on the pounds! Twenty lead to 50, then to 80. I did ok the first few years with several diets (mostly Atkins and South Beach) which helped me lose 20-40 pounds, and I thought I had it under control. Upon getting a few years older, the pounds started adding up quickly. Then 10 years since retirement, I decided to go back to combat life, and went to Iraq as a contractor for a surveillance company. I thought I would have no trouble shedding pounds in Iraq, as the average temperature was constantly well over 110 degrees. What I didn’t plan on was the boredom and the sheer volume of calories available, “as much as I wanted to eat” every meal at the dining facility. I quickly put on more and more pounds without paying much attention to it. I found myself with my feet constantly hurting, my ankles always swelling up, and my friends asking me constantly if I was “ok” because my face was so red.

I got up to a HUGE 315 pounds! I had a good friend at work at MacDill talk to me one day in private. He offered to pay my way for a medical weight loss program, as he went through the same thing a few years earlier and it saved his life. I thanked him but couldn’t take him up on his offer. Six months later, after seeing my 5 years or so of steady weight gain on my Facebook photos, an old Aerial Gunner buddy I hadn’t seen since we flew together back in 1983 called me and let me know he was coming to Zephyrhills to skydive, and he would like me to come out to see him as we hadn’t seen each other in so long. After we met at the skydive center, he checked his gear over and said he was good to go for the next day, so let’s go get some dinner. While sitting across from me he asked if I knew why he called me. I was puzzled…He said, “I have seen you gain so much weight over the past few years, I had to come tell you to please get some help with your weight before you die! I love you buddy and don’t want to lose you!!!” WOW! That hit home. I felt like someone just shot the tail rotor off my helicopter! I was blown away. I promised my friend I would do that!

That is when I remembered a friend who lost weight a few years back and kept it off. She went to Dr. Cesar Lara in Clearwater. I made an appointment in mid-April to see if I was a good candidate for this program. After an EKG and a doctor checkup, I was told I could do the program and then was told all the particulars. I had to come in every week to weigh in and check my body fat percentage. This was critical, because I feel accountability is a big motivator and helps with the discipline to keep on track. Every week I would also get an injection of vitamins and amino acids for energy, and an appetite suppressant. I took this appetite suppressant to my family doctor, and checked it with him to ensure it was indeed safe and nothing that was habit forming or bad for my heart. My doctor let me know it was fine to use them. They also recommended pharmaceutical grade, all natural supplements.

The main value I feel from the program is the education you get from the awesome staff, helping you learn what types of foods you should eat and portions. They recommend weighing your portions with a food scale to keep you on track. They also constantly check on your activity as far as how much daily exercise you do and how much water you drink. There are follow-up visits with the doctors on staff at regular intervals to ensure you are proceeding in a healthy manner.

I took this program seriously. I ONLY drank water from the start. No soda, alcohol, or even tea and lemonade…water only for me. I was “allowed” to have unsweetened tea but I wanted to get maximum results! I also stuck to the diet. Only natural sugars from fruits and such. No ice cream, desserts or my favorite PIZZA! I wanted to change my life and I did! It is now the 2nd week of December, and I have shed over 115 pounds! I went from a 52″ waist to a 34″. I have been through dozens of clothes and happily kept buying smaller ones. Even my T-Shirts went from 3X to LG! Lastly, I even went down a full shoe size due to the swelling now gone in my feet. My family doctor was so excited last month, as he came into the room at my annual physical, that he shook my hand and told me I was the FIRST patient in his medical career that he could happily say was CURED from diabetes! I was also removed from all blood pressure and antacid medications. I was also on one for high heart rate and I was removed from that too!

My blood pressure is absolutely normal, pulse rate is fine and I feel AWESOME! I am continuing, as I am now only 4 pounds from the goal I set when I started the program, and with my daily exercise and watching what I eat, I will be there by Christmas! I prayed for good health and now I have it. I took a lot of work but all worthwhile. My wife is also on the program and has lost over 65 pounds herself, and is looking absolutely as beautiful as when we met almost 30 years ago! A new me for the New Year! You can do it too. Just believe in yourself and WANT it!

Lost 83 Pounds
My daughter’s wish for her Sweet 16 Birthday was to lose weight. She began her journey on February 20, 2012 by walking into Dr. Lara’s Weight Loss Clinic. Last month she went to her high school’s Homecoming Dance at 83 lbs. lighter. Her life has changed dramatically this past year and she continues on her weight loss journey with the broadest smile that a mom could ever wish for across on her daughter’s beautiful face. Reality hit and she decided she needed, or wanted, to make a change. So at 218 pounds she came to Dr. Lara’s Weight Management for the program that would change not only her personal appearance, but also her whole life!

Lost 74 Pounds
I no longer feel a sense of laziness or feeling of being overwhelmed. Dr. Lara’s staff has always encouraged me during my “not so good” and trying weeks. I cannot thank them enough for their assistance in my journey to a better me. I feel healthier. I look healthier and feel great!

The moment you walk in, it’s first class all the way… from the reception area, to the exam room, to the way they explain your Elite Health Protocol…and the results speak for themselves!
-Marc H. (age 43)

I reached my top weight this year as I have at least three other times in my life, which is about 25lbs. above my ideal weight. In the past I have done Quick Weight Loss Center or Diet Center and a very disciplined exercise regime and gotten the weight off for three or four years each time. Problem is that approach always takes me about four months.

This time I tried the HCG plan as monitored by Dr. Smith and her nutrition counselor Ginie Hogan, with no exercise. I had amazing results and lost 20 lbs in 30 days. The next 5 came off slowly over the next 30 days as I stabilized. I would highly recommend this approach when you just have to get it done!

No surprises, very good counseling and no cravings! I will never diet another way again and I learned a lot about what triggers abnormal fat accumulation in my body. I now know what trigger foods to avoid for my body and doubt I will get myself to my top weight again but if I do I know what the solution is!
–C.R., Brookhaven, Atlanta, GA

I was skeptical about starting the HCG program last January, but I was at the point I had to do something to stop my out of control weight gain. I had high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and the potential for diabetes if I didn’t get my weight under control. The weight loss started immediately and I actually lost 35 pounds over the course of 2 rounds. I have been able to stop taking blood pressure and cholesterol medication, my blood work is normal, I have more energy, and my back and joint pains have improved dramatically. It was a comfort to have Ginie’s support and encouragement available at any time to keep me on track. If you need to lose the weight and want to keep it off, the HCG program is a great way to do it.
–C.H., Roswell, GA

What a great way to start off the year… already down 33 pounds since late September! While I have about 25 more to go, I don’t have that overwhelming feeling that most have on January 1st about having to lose weight. HCG works – I lost 20 pounds the first cycle. The program is easy to follow, and you get plenty of support from Ginie and team. Best of all, the clean eating has made me feel great. Never during the program did I feel bad. I slept well, and for the most part, I was not lethargic at all. Looking forward to losing the rest!
-S.G., Roswell, GA

Thank you Dr. Zengo for the NiLean Diet plan! It works!! I have lost 49 lbs on the Nilean Diet! I lost 42 lbs. in 2 months using the NiLean diet drops and NiLean diet food plan, and then lost another 7 lbs during the phase out month and maintenance phase (1 month). Making it a total 49 lbs. lost in 4 months. I even went through the phase out/maintenance phase during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year Holidays with very little impact on weight gain/loss. I am very satisfied with the results. _It did burn fat, NOT muscle, and I dropped 3 clothes sizes. It seemed like the fat just melted off of me. I feel better, and I have more energy.

My Husband, family, colleagues, and friends are very proud and have complimented me on my success. I had my doubts initially, having attempted/failed 2 other diets in the past, but this diet has “retrained my brain” just like Dr. Zengo said it would. My addictions to fats and carbohydrates are GONE! It was an intense diet plan, yet simple to follow. Dr. Zengo and his office staff members were very helpful whenever I had questions or needed a pep-talk during the NiLean diet too. When my weight loss plateaus for 1 month I am going back on the NiLean Diet for 1 month to lose another 20 lbs. But I haven’t hit a plateau yet…

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Dr. Zengo, and staff.
-MarLee C., Elberton, GA

I came to Dr. Zengo for two reasons. I felt like my hormones were out of balance and I really wanted to lose weight. I read the information on his website about hormone testing and the NiLean diet. I have other health issues and decided I would try to talk with him by email before even trying to set up an appointment. I didn’t even think he would respond since I was not a patient, but he did and I could tell right away that he really cares about the health of his patients.

I decided to make an appointment and the first thing he did was the hormone and thyroid testing. He said if my hormones were not in balance, I couldn’t lose weight effectively. My hormones were extremely low in almost every category, so I started natural hormone replacement and he also increased my thyroid medication. I began to feel better almost immediately and have much more energy.

About two months after I began the hormone replacement, I started on the NiLean diet. I lost 24 pounds in the first three weeks!! And, it wasn’t hard. I was so excited to see the weight coming off so fast and that encouraged me to stick with it! By the end of the 2 month diet and 4 weeks of maintenance, including beginning an exercise program, I had lost 57 pounds and lots of inches!! I’ve dropped 3 pant sizes!! It seems the weight is coming off in all the right places too.

I’m still following the maintenance and exercise plan, continuing to lose weight and I feel great! This diet works and I’m so thankful to have found a doctor who truly cares about my health!!

Being a physician myself, I understand the importance of finding someone who understands medicine outside of more than just the traditional method. There are so many medical problems which can be better treated with an integrative approach. That it only makes sense. In the medical community, Dr. Savage is recognized as the expert in integrative medicine. I am proud to call him “my doctor”.
-Michael F.

A little less than two years ago my family doctor Craig Backs suggested that I see Dr Savage. He was impressed with his practice and techniques and thought he could help me.

While it was more than a three hour drive I thought it might be valuable to make the effort. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did. At our first meeting we spent a considerable amount of unrushed time looking at my background and goals. While I have interfaced with a lot of quality medical professionals Dr. Savage impressed me instantly with both his knowledge and his approach. He put together a plan that helped me lose weight (30 pounds) in a very reasonable manner. No craziness, no fasting, just a new perspective. Then Dr. Savage looked well beyond the surface of my lab test scores to outline a medication program that improved my lifestyle and overall health.

I am continuing to follow the path he created for me with continued success. While my lab test scores certainly reflect this it’s my overall evolution that is even more important. I can only say having the right doctor with the right knowledge is truly a gift. I would encourage anyone to take advantage of this opportunity.
-Mike B.

I am writing this to thank you for the outstanding service you have given to me and the many satisfied executives I have referred to you, including one very successful internal medicine physician.

All have affirmed that my attestation to your mastery of systems and the interrelated elements of our problems from simple aging to heart conditions, weight, and general health is not only exceptional, but your capacity to help us understand our needs is crystal clear and unparalleled.

You also show unmatched diligence in guiding and even pushing us to our highest levels of health and enjoyment of life. Thank you for your investment in professional excellence and interpersonal support.
-Robert W.

When I hit the age of peri-menopause around age 48 I felt as if I had dropped off a cliff. I went from being slender, athletic, energetic and active to hypothyroid with adrenal fatigue, 25 pound weight gain out of nowhere, menopausal and had become mostly bedridden.

After seeing a round of top doctors and being told nothing was wrong with me that my symptoms were just age related, and there was nothing more to talk about, I was at an utter loss on what to do to help myself. I was devastated at what my life had become without my health and vitality. I had a gut feeling that I had a thyroid problem from searching for answers on my own on the Internet, and knew I was feeling the effects of peri-menopause, so with those two things in mind, I googled top doctors in Chicago that dealt with these issues and I found Dr. Savage.

When I walked into Dr. Savage’s office I was scattered and deeply fatigued as well as depressed at the weight gain. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have found him and his practice.

He has completely restored my health and in essence given my spark and vitality back. I’ve lost the weight and the lab work he does is extensive so he finds the many important things that most other doctors tend to overlook. He’s very professional, with a high level of knowledge. I didn’t have to help him understand what was going on with me, he ran his tests and knew. I was very hypothyroid and not in peri-menopause, but in menopause with extremely low levels of vitamins and hormones.

Dr. Savage is worth the every bit of the time and money spent at his practice. I’m so thankful that he is my doctor and he has given me back so much more than he may know. His office staff is wonderful and you’ll never have to wait with other people in the waiting room.

He’s really special!
-Laura A.

Dr. Savage has been my wellness doctor for 10 years, and my wife’s for about 5 now. I wholeheartedly recommend him, and have recommended him, to my friends and colleagues over the years.

What makes him different? He is keenly interested in your overall wellness. Diet. Exercise. Bone density. Blood work. Allergies. Hormones. Etc. Because of his keen interest, he listens. He asks questions. He has surfaced things about my health that I never would have thought to mention. He has anticipated and headed off emerging medical problems before they developed. He does not hesitate to call in a specialist when one is needed. He has systematized his approach. He can show me trends in my blood work reaching back ten years. He explains what the numbers mean, and why they matter.

Best of all, he keeps me young.
-Dan and Julia S.

Thanks to the Releana HCG Diet I lost 43 pounds in 10 weeks! I was very skeptical when deciding whether or not to do this diet because it sounded too good to be true. Not only that, I knew it was going to be hard making severe changes to my diet and lifestyle. After one week through the program I felt like a new person. I had more energy and was very surprised by my immediate progress. It was all the motivation I needed to continue. After completing 10 weeks of the program I completely kicked the bad eating habits and started exercising regularly. I have now been off of the HCG diet for 3 months and been able to maintain my current weight. I couldn’t have asked for a better diet experience.

Cindy lost 33 pounds in 11 weeks
The Releana HCG program has not only been a fast weight loss, but the body restructuring is amazing! Friends have told me they are watching my journey and have seen noticeable changes about every 4 days.

I feel great and my eating habits have totally changed. I struggled on other programs with binges, but on Releana I haven’t had to fight off a binge. It has taught me how to eat a controlled and healthy diet without feeling deprived.

Sheila lost 68 pounds and over 33 inches in 3 months
I highly recommend the Releana HCG program with Dr. Mac and his team. Before starting the program I lost 10 pounds through changes in my diet, but it was a struggle and slow process. Through using the Releana HCG I was able to lose an additional 68 pounds in a matter of a few months. Since I travel a lot for work the cream was recommended for me. I loved the cream! It was easy to travel with (no special handling) and it was something I could apply and not be noticed if I needed to. I know it may be hard to believe, but after the first week I was not hungry and at times I had to force myself to eat my daily amount. I also did not have the intense cravings I had with other diets.

The weight loss has been great and people’s reactions are amazing. More importantly it has greatly improved my health. My general doctor was able to reduce my thyroid medication and I am being weaned off my blood pressure medication! He doesn’t think I will need it at all.

The program was good for me from a meal planning and cooking aspect. I learned to plan ahead, which is still important, and I learned healthier ways to prepare and season my food. It really got me started with lifelong habits. The other big surprise for me was that I completely lost my taste and desire for Diet Coke. Diet Coke is allowed, but I found that I just didn’t want any. This is still almost impossible for me to believe even now as I would have 4-8 Diet Cokes a day and it was the one thing I was willing to give up.

Finally the support I received from answers to questions to emotional support for those weeks I wished I would have lost more to reinforcing the inches lost and to celebrate my success. Special thanks to Amy!

I’ve been off the program now for three months and I have been able to easily maintain my weight. I can’t believe I’ve gone from a tight size 18W to a size 6. I haven’t felt this good in years!

Kathy lost 18 pounds in one month
I lost 18 pounds in 30 days on the Releana diet. I am a 63 year old female with type 2 Diabetes. After 3 days on the diet I stopped my medication. My blood sugar averaged 90-110. I am on week 2 of maintenance and there has been no change in weight or fasting sugar levels! I would have done the diet to correct the Diabetes even if I hadn’t lost this much weight. I am still medicine free & I need to lose 20 more pounds. However, I am going to take a 6 week break then do the diet again. This is the first diet to work for me!

Tremendous results!  Under Dr. C care I lost 50 lbs in 8 months. I can’t say it was easy but it can be done.  Will power also played a roll but when you are under the watchful eye of Dr. C and held accountable, it makes it so much easier. I would recommend this program to anyone with a weight problem.

I feel so at ease when I am in the office. They are like family. I worked with them last year before both of my children got married, that was a huge success. I gained some back so now I am back again. This time no gaining back.

Dr. Cummings and his staff won me over during my first visit. They were very detailed in explaining the specifics about the treatments I received (weight loss program & Venus Freeze). They were very pleasant and made me feel comfortable from the time I got there until the time I left. I am well on my way to obtaining my weight loss goal. I, without question, recommend Revitalife M.D. for your health and beauty quests.

Have been participating in the weight loss program for a month now. Have lost 17 lbs and counting. December may have been a difficult time to start, but I felt I couldn’t afford to gain through the holidays and post holiday vacation. I have been far from perfect following the plan but satisfied with results thus far. The staff has been very supportive. Had 1 week where I didn’t lose, they were more than kind, yet encouraging. Never dread going in for a weigh in…keeps me accountable.

My husband and I both went to Dr. Brad Cummings for weight loss. I lost l41 lbs and my husband lost 32 lbs. we have not felt this good in several years. Dr. Brad always took the time and explained everything so we would understand everything. I would highly recommend Revitalife to any one looking for a great weight loss program. I would also like to thank Maryland and Dawn for always making us feel like we was not just patients but more like family. They truly are the best, thanks again.

Tremendous results!  Under Dr. C care I lost 50 lbs in 8 months. I can’t say it was easy but it can be done.  Will power also played a roll but when you are under the watchful eye of Dr. C and held accountable, it makes it so much easier. I would recommend this program to anyone with a weight problem.

I am super impressed. I lost 3 lbs the first day & kept it off! It’s a great start to a New Year!

Love it, love it! Lost 17 lbs & I am toning w/ laser & body wraps. Am getting ready for swimsuit weather. My husband is happy with the results & when he’s happy, I’m happy! Yey!

The staff is awesome. Very friendly and there to answer any questions. Been a member for 5 weeks and have already lost 25 lbs. Every time I go in I feel support and encouraged to keep going.

The staff is great and my goals are being achieved each week. It’s so exciting to see inches and weight melt off!

I came in wanting to lose my belly. No weight goal in mind. I lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks. This motivated me to keep going. Now I’m down 20 lbs in a month and have a wt goal.

I enjoyed my time here very much. I felt relaxed and everyone here that I came in contact answered my question or found someone that could. I have lost 6 lbs in 1 week between diet and treatment. Yeah!

This has been an amazing experience. In less than 2 months I have lost 17 lbs. The team support is phenomenal.

The staff was fantastic, helpful and professional. They are experts at what they do. I lost those pesky 20 lbs and got to my good weight for the first time in 20 years! They made it doable and with minimum stress. Terrific job by all.

For most of my life, I’ve struggled with my weight. At 57 y.o. the HCG protocol helped me lose 88 pounds in 8 months. My energy and overall health are better than I could ever imagine. If you need to get your weight under control, call Dr. Neumann’s office.

As a 52 y.o. female, menopause and a lack of discipline had taken a toll on my health. HCG weight loss has helped me turn my life around. In just over 6 months time, my weight has went from196 to 143, a loss 53 pounds. Dr. Neumann and his staff have been a great help to me.

I couldn’t believe it. I never thought that I would be able to survive on 500 calories a day. But I’m doing great, I feel okay, and my hunger is remarkably minimal. In fact, now that I am about 4 weeks into the program and have lost 19 pounds, I am actually having a hard time eating that much food. I will definitely do another course of this diet for it really does melt the fat.
–Debbie F. (age 24)

I was very skeptical about the diet at first. There was no way I could survive on 500 calories a day. But I did it, and am I glad I did. I lost 16 pounds during the diet and am ready to do it again after my 6 week transition period is up. I highly recommend it to anyone. It really works!
–Linda P. (age 63)

I had tried exercise and reducing my foods but I just couldn’t lose the weight. With this diet, I have gotten off that plateau and have lost 26 pounds in 40 days and am I excited!
–Mary A. (age 27)

Throughout my life, I have struggled with my weight – I weighed 256 pounds. I felt doomed to be a fat person for the rest of my life. However, with this HCG, I have already lost 35 pounds and am on my way to losing more. I like the way the program helps me be accountable. I love it! Anyone who is having problems losing weight should to it.
–Cindy (age 36)

I’m like millions of Americans. I’m obese. I’ve been this way for decades. In late April of this year, I was sharing my weight loss frustration with a friend here at the radio station. I told Bernie I was giving up on ever losing weight. I had tried and failed countless times to lose weight. Some diet programs worked for a while but then I put the weight back on. Other programs didn’t work at all. I counted “points” and “carbograms” and “calories”. Nothing worked for me. Bernie suggested I listen to Dr. Cristy Thomas, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN of Vitality Medical and Wellness Center. Dr. Cristy Thomas, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN hosts a weekend show on KXNT. The following Saturday, I spent an hour listening to Dr. Cristy Thomas, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN. She later invited me onto her next show, promising to answer all my questions. It was at that point that I became a client of Vitality Medical and Wellness Center.

My results have been nothing short of spectacular. I’ve lost 34 pounds just 16 pounds away from my goal of losing 50 pounds. My bloodwork including my Diabetes related number– have come way down. A few weeks ago, my alteration person took five inches out of my suits and blazers. I’ve gone from 46 inch jeans to 42 inch jeans. I’ve got more energy. Surprisingly, even my sexual function has improved.

Most importantly, my friends and co-workers are noticing the difference. Even my shadow looks smaller. Dr. Cristy Thomas, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN and her helpful staff have given me the support to make this program work. They customized an eating plan just for me. And I’m never hungry.  I meet with Dr. Cristy Thomas, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN every Monday and talk about my home life, my work, my moods in fact everything in my life.  This support has been incredibly valuable. If you’ve given up on ever losing that weight, I urge you to contact Dr. Cristy Thomas, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN at Vitality Medical and Wellness Center. My weight loss journey continues. With the help of Dr. Cristy Thomas, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN and her helpful staff at Vitality Medical and Wellness Center, I’ll realize my goal of losing 50 pounds. It’s a program I can use the rest of my life.
-Kevin W.

Was always able to lose 15 or 20 pounds just by eating less and controlling the high calorie food intake. All the sudden I turned 50 and was gaining weight and was unable to lose it the traditional way I did in the past. I continued to gain and now at 53 I found myself 50+ pounds overweight and not able to lose. I heard Dr Christi Thomas on the local radio and decided to get some help. I started the Program set by the Dr Christi in October 2014.

The program consisted of supplements, controlled diet and weekly visits to monitor progress. I’m pleased to say the good Dr’s program has allowed me to shed 35 pounds in only 4 months. I’m still about 18 pounds away from goal. And have all the confidence that I will reach goal weight within the next 3 months I’m really grateful for the help the doctor and her professional staff have offered me. Looking better after losing weight is nice but the bigger plus is feeling better Thanks again to Dr Christi and her staff I haven’t felt this good in many years. If you’re a little overweight, little older and not feeling as good as you know you can don’t suffer any longer go to the center and regain your vitality like I did. Happy, feeling better 53 year old satisfied patient.

I am thrilled to have found The Nevada Center, not just for the 50+ pounds I have lost on the HCG diet, but also because they have truly changed my health for the better. I am 64 years old and the older you get, the harder it is to lose weight. The Nevada Center’s HCG Program has helped me to lose weight without starving myself. I am eating healthy, exercising, and feeling so much better.

When I first went to The Nevada Center, I weighed a whopping 228 pounds; I felt horrible. I couldn’t get out of a chair without using my arms to help me. I now weigh 177 pounds, and I am still losing weight. I have so much more energy and I feel better. My weight loss has been slower than most people who go on the HCG diet because I am also struggling with thyroid and adrenal gland problems, which the doctors at The Nevada Center are helping to resolve.

This isn’t a miracle solution but, if you stick to the plan, the results speak for themselves! I am asked all the time how I managed to lose the weight and keep it off; I am thrilled to tell them about the HCG diet and The Nevada Center! Initially, I was afraid that my weight would rebound, but I haven’t had any such issues because this diet has taught me to finally eat right for the first time in my life.
-Kathryn S.

From walker and cane, pain and fears, reclusion and limitations to flexibility, movement, agility, comfort, and a real life. Oh great joy!

I was scheduled for knee replacement surgery and had back problems as well. A doctor friend who had had Prolozone referred me to the Nevada Center. They used Prolozone to treat my knees and back.

I love the way I could continue my work without the interruption that surgery and recovery would have been. I get it now…the body knows how to heal itself. Just give it nutrients and oxygen to assist the process. What an easy and amazing process!

Now friends and family agree that I am more flexible then I’ve been in tens of years. I move with a grace and speed I could not have imagined. I sit down and get up with ease. I bend and twist, reach up, and crouch down. Last week I climbed a ladder! My life is again full and rich, and comfortable.

I also began taking Bio-Identical Hormones: Now I sleep deeply, am comfortable in a much wider range of warmth and cold. My skin, hair, and nails have improved. I have energy and enthusiasm. I feel years younger. I found my happy again!

Miracles indeed!! Thank heavens for Doctors Shallenberger, Brady, and Hanson! I call them Doc Miracle, Doc Wonderful, and Doc Amazing. I am grateful for their willingness to go beyond traditional health care, for their wisdom, knowledge, experience, skills, and true caring. I am grateful for Dr. Shallenberger’s books and newsletters filled with insights and information. I am grateful for everyone at the Nevada Center for the way they work together cheerfully and for their consistent kindness, support, and expertise.
-Kate, Reno, NV

I want to thank you for all your support while I was doing the HCG weight loss program. As you can see by my “before and after pictures” I have made a major transformation.  I went from sized 38 pant to a size 32. I haven’t been in sized 32 pant since I was in high school.

I feel the change has given me a new perspective on life. I gained so much confidence, not only with my looks but with almost every aspect of my life. I’m surprised that type of change would enhance my work, my health and most importantly my sex life.

I had to take the time to express how amazing my life has been since the weight loss. I can’t recommend another weight loss program that is this fast and easy. I have spent hundreds of hours in the gym trying to lose weight and nothing I did was ever this effective. Once I completed the program and continued a healthy diet, active life style, my weight has been the same since I finished the HCG program.

Again, thank you Trim Body MD!
Randy S.

I feel amazing and I want the world to know how I got here. I have battled with weight my entire life. I gave birth almost 3 years ago and felt like I had tried every diet and so-called miracle plan ever made over the past 15 years. I got in a car accident that required me to lose weight to help me heal. I needed something quick, effective, and that would not break the bank. I have five children at home and I wanted my husband and children to be proud of me as well.

It was time to make a decision. Lori Shiles offered me a plan. All the support I received from Lori got me to exceed my goal and surpass my dreams. It is true there is no miracle pill, cure, or diet that will magically work; however, this plan is cheaper, faster, safer, and more effective than anything I have ever tried. Not to mention going into the office each week and feeling and seeing how truly passionate Lori is just makes it so much more then you could ever expect.

The best part is that my brain feels rebooted. I look at food differently. I lost 85 pounds and counting. Now that I no longer feel food controls me, I am still losing weight using valuable lessons that Lori has taught me. Yes we are all human we make mistakes but like no other program–this has changed my life.

I am now telling my friends and they are doing the program as well and have seen amazing results. Thank you for changing my life and helping me get back to me.
-Jennifer W.

At my heaviest weight, I knew I had to find something I could stick to for more than a week.  As a bit of a yo-yo dieter with a sweet tooth I knew this was going to be a tough task alone! I was introduced to Lori Shiles and signed up immediately.  With her never ending support and mentoring I was able to easily transition into what is now my new lifestyle.  No more ups and downs as she continues to teach me how to enjoy the foods I love in a healthier way.

Going into the office isn’t just a “weigh in”, it’s sitting with your friend talking about your plans and how you can make better food/drink choices while going out.

Lori is a complete life saver that has me buying sizes I have never been able to buy! I can’t thank her enough for giving me my health, body, energy & control of my life back!!
–Kelli M., Lost 70lbs

I became a client/patient of Corinne Furnari in 2004 after three different doctors had been unable to explain why I was becoming increasingly tired, although I looked like I was in perfect health. By the time I finally walked into Corinne’s office, I felt I had become a walking zombie. She very quickly diagnosed the underlying imbalance, set about correcting it and in the process taught me how to achieve the proper nutritional, exercise and supplement regimen for me, as an individual. She thinks outside the box, is tuned into a wide variety of integrative medicine techniques, does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to diagnosis or prescriptions, and is adamant that the key to good health is knowledge about one’s body. I learned more from her about my body, health and nutrition than I had in the prior 30 years from all my health care providers combined. I cannot thank her enough for bringing me back to health and for teaching me so much. In addition to reading, writing and arithmetic, schools should teach what Corinne knows about health. I continue to recommend her to both women and men.
-Giselle M., New York City, NY

Corinne Furnari is unique in my experience with health care professionals. When you walk into her office and talk with her for even a few minutes, I predict, you’ll realize, she’s not in this for the money. She loves her work and because she loves her work, she has developed an incredible competence and she gladly shares that with her patients. If your experience is anything like mine, you’ll count yourself extremely fortunate to have her care for you.
-Randy W., Manhattan, NY

Every day I am truly grateful to you for all the things you have done for me. I am grateful for the weight loss, which I have maintained within 2-3 lbs. I am also thankful for the most detailed and extensive lab tests you requested.

They were the most detailed lab tests I have ever had. I am still working on losing at least another 25-35 lbs. When I met you, I was going through a very stressful period. Fortunately, my energy and my concentration levels are improving enabling me to take computer classes and piano lessons. Thank you!!!!!!!!
-D.B. (age 75)

I can’t thank you enough for bringing the HCG Diet to Long Island!  I am a firm believer in this protocol.  I have battled with my weight my entire life and have tried many weight loss programs.  Nothing has come close to working as well as HCG. I have lost a total of 72 pounds on the HCG diet and can’t believe it.  The program is strict but easy to follow.  And if one sticks to it you are rewarded with an amazing weight loss! 1 pound a day was the norm for me!

I was amazed that I rarely felt hungry.  If I was hungry a cup of tea or coffee usually did the trick!  With Ellen’s support I was able to stay on program, have questions answered and achieve wonderful results!

It seems like a switch was turned on (or off) in my brain that allowed me to have more confidence with food.  For the first time I was able to go to a party see chips & cake and I didn’t feel like I had to eat them. I have been able to make good food choices without feeling deprived. Recently I was on vacation and gained 10 pounds.  I was upset I put on so much weight. But after returning to my healthy way of eating the 10# came off within 3 days!  That showed me that the HCG has truly reset my metabolism. The complements abound and, thankfully, I’ve been an inspiration for family, friends and patients (I’m a physical therapist) to adopt a healthier lifestyle! Thank you for helping me lose weight, become healthier, regain my life and adopt an organic lifestyle!

It is rare to find someone who puts their heart and soul into what they do. Ellen is that rare find. Loving all things natural, she pours her passion for healthy, natural living and her love of people and sharing, into her every interaction she has with clients and friends. I am lucky enough to be both to Ellen and she has changed my life. An out-of-the-box thinker, Ellen offered me ways to incorporate healthy eating and habits into what works for my lifestyle. Where I have tried other “methods” I felt like I always had to fit into a program’s cookie cutter approach and ultimately, it never lasted.

Her patient approach to teaching nutrition to clients is to apply logic and understanding to how what we eat is utilized by our body, empowering us with the knowledge and the desire to make better choices. Ellen, through her genuine caring and wealth of knowledge, based in her own experience of everything she offers, has set me on a permanent path to health, energy and excitement in my own journey of empowerment and commitment to a better way of life.

My name is Christine and I am happy to say I have lost 35 lbs in 9 weeks and am keeping it off too! The program I just completed this summer has changed my life! I have tried many types of diets over the years and nothing ever worked. I would either lose weight and gain it back or just not be motivated to follow through. Ellen introduced to me a new way of losing and maintaining my weight for good. I am happy, energetic, feel great, and love my new body! She was enlightening, informative, helpful and was with me every step of the way making it all so easy to implement and understand. Ellen’s positive attitude was contagious and helped me to be excited and passionate about my health and reaching my goals. I felt I could really be strong for myself. She was very supportive with my questions, was available whenever I needed her, 24/7! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get healthy, lose weight, feel great, increase energy, etc. to work with Ellen.

I went to see Ellen at a free seminar given at Wild by Nature health food store. The reason I was so interested in attending was because she was a holistic nutritionist. I have been having serious constipation problems, skin rashes, weight issues and various aches and pains my whole life. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when I was 29 and was told by many health care professionals to eat a lot of fiber, fruits and veggies and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day for the constipation. None of that helped. I just struggled through it. I am working through menopause now and have put on 15 stubborn pounds that I cannot lose. All in all, I am not feeling well. The stomach bloating from the constipation is very uncomfortable and I just don’t have the energy to exercise. I don’t sleep well and am tired all the time. Basically, I get up each morning and just try to get through another day. The joy is gone!

Anyway, after I heard Ellen speak I was very inspired by her warmth and knowledge of the subject matter. I felt that she was the one who could really help me. I called her and she actually was willing to come to my home. She took a full history from me and used kinesiology to see if the foods I was eating were compatible with my body. She gave me a very specific eating plan to follow and brought me some supplements to try. She even went so far as to go to the health food store with me to help me chose my other supplements. She spent 2 hours and 45 minutes with me. Who does that!!!!!

I am on my fourth day and have already had amazing results. Day one, I started by weighing myself, following my eating plan, taking my supplements and the 10-minute walk she recommended. On day two, I eliminated on my own. That was a great achievement for me. I am on day four and have already lost 2 pounds. The shake and fiber bar really taste good and I have ordered my own supply. I am not hungry during the day and in fact, I have to remind myself that I didn’t have my yogurt or eat my walnuts. I have to fit that in. This is unbelievable to me because I have always “lived to eat” and now I’m learning to “eat to live” healthy. I call her or email her and she responds immediately. She is now my life coach and I’m planning to have her see my husband too.

I can’t thank her enough. Her passion is infectious and her warmth and compassion are like an all-embracing hug that imbues confidence and strength to whomever she’s trying to help. Call her, you won’t be sorry! It’s all the truth!

I can’t thank you enough!

I have known Ellen for many years now and I must say that she has taught me so much about nutrition and the value of exercise. She has been an inspiration to me many times over!

I watched Ellen as she embarked upon her own HCG diet journey this summer and I was simply amazed at her weight loss. Being somewhat skeptical about the diet I did lots of research and asked lots of questions about it. After overcoming some fears about a diet that required taking a shot I finally decided that the extra 20 pounds that had crept onto my body over the last 20 years had to go! I was psyched and made a mental determination that this was the diet plan that I would make a commitment to.

After the first few shots, I overcame my fears; they were no big deal. I shopped every few days and made food ahead of time. Being a sugar fiend most of my life, I found going off sugar the hardest. After about a week the sugar cravings reduced and I found satisfaction in eating apples, strawberries and grapefruit. I saw weight loss immediately and that was inspiring me to continue.

In total I lost 22 lbs. I began the diet at 142. I had energy, even on 500 calories and did not crave all the foods I thought I would long for. I did cheat once at a friend’s wedding, gaining weight but losing it all again. As a matter of fact, the sugar hangover I had the next day (I don’t drink alcohol) after eating the desserts was a good teaching for me to stay away from processes and refined foods!

The maintenance phase is a great way to remain with the new healthy eating habits you create while on phase 2. I’ve incorporated a need eating style into my life, especially eating mainly organic if I can. I am happy to be free if my sugar addiction and to be maintaining my weight of 120. It was great fun to put on a pair of jeans I had not worn for 13 years and have them fit!

Ellen was a great coach throughout the entire process. She answered every question and gave support 24/7 when needed. Please feel free to call and speak directly with me if you wish, Ellen has my number.

In 2005, I was up late flipping through the channels and I stopped when I heard a man talking about a way to lose weight and never gain it back.  Now that was a first, even for infomercials.  So, I continued to watch.  The man speaking was Kevin Trudeau and he was talking about his new book and the HCG Program. Intrigued, I ordered the book and impatiently awaited its arrival.  In the mean time I started researching everything I could find on the HCG program on the internet.  And what I came across was excerpts from Dr. Simeon’s ‘Pounds and Inches’ Weight Loss Manuscript and Kevin Trudeau’s book.

By the time I finished reading all the information I had gathered and the book when it arrived, disappointingly I concluded that a) that I didn’t have a clue where to start and how to safely get what I needed; b) I wasn’t sure that I could safely do what needed to be done without assistance; and, c) if I couldn’t do it on my own, it was going to be expensive as much as $10,000 if I went to Europe.  So, I nicely saved everything I found on my computer and in a folder in my bottom nightstand drawer.  Only to be forgotten until years later.

Fast forward to the beginning of March 2011, several unsuccessful diet programs later and my weight fast approaching 240 lbs.  I’m flipping through the television channels again and I stop on Channel 12 and I am listing to Mary Mucci talk about a program where you lose weight and don’t gain it back.  And when she mentioned daily injections of HCG, the bells went off in my head!  I sat straight up and hung on her every word.  And sure enough she gave me the words I wanted to hear, there was a doctor assisted program right here on Long Island.  The key words being ‘doctor assisted’.  So, I grabbed all my info out of nightstand drawer, fired up the computer and contacted Ellen Piernick.  The rest is history.

I started my first round of the program in April 2011, weighing in at 234.4 pounds.  Everyday was a challenge for me to get around and I was starting to feel it in my knees and hips.  I kept what I was doing to myself; I didn’t want any negative detractors getting in the way.  I knew I had to make a change in my life and this was my opportunity, albeit 6 years in the making.  I followed the program to a tee; and, after the end of 40 days I had lost 30.2 pounds.  I had not been this close to 200 pounds in over 15 years!  Time to show off the new me.

I went to my Garden Club’s Luncheon on Wednesday, May 18th; I had not been active for 2 years due to work.  The ladies were amazed at how great I looked.  They called me the “celebrity”.  They said I looked 10 years younger.  Wow!  By the way, I turn 55 next February!  Plus, my work allows me to only have to go in the office once or twice a week; and, when I did my colleagues were amazed at the visible transformation from week to week.

I’ve gained my confidence back and I have been even more successful at work.  30 pounds does not seem like a lot. But my body seems like it has lost so much more.  It’s like a metamorphosis.  I can look at my body and see where I have lost so much fat around my rib cage down to my navel.  I am still left with a Homer Simpson like belly, but it’s not as big as it used to be.  And my flat butt is still flat but not as fat.  And the amazing thing is that I had kept the weight off and only fluctuated within 2 pounds.

But that was only the beginning.  I was determined to get my weight down to a size that was comfortable when I was in my 30’s. So, under Ellen’s and Dr. Dekel’s direction, I started the protocol for a second round.  The second time was a little more difficult for me, life got in the way, as well as an infected tooth than needed to be removed years before.  But, I stayed true to the program.  And when I broke the 200-pound mark I was so excited I did a happy dance around my kitchen!  And at the end of the second round…

I had lost another 32 pounds.  OMG!!!

But it’s not just the pounds; it’s the inches!  When I started the program I was wearing a size 20W.  As, I progressed through the second round my friends and colleagues said I looked amazing and I was becoming a whole new person.  Okay, one said, “I was half the person I used to be.”  I would wake up in the morning and my biggest challenge for the day was “what can I wear” not “what should I wear”.  Nothing fit.  I would go to the store and by new pants and two weeks later they were too big.

And when I finished the second round, I decided to treat myself to a new pair of jeans.  So I grabbed a size 16, 14 and 12 and headed for the fitting room.  No realizing or believing how much my body had changed, I put on the size 16 first.  Too big!  Then the size 14, they were too big!  So, I stood there looking in the mirror with a big grin on my face and I grabbed the size 12 jeans.  “Are you kidding me?”  They were too big as well!  In six months I had gone from a size 20W to a size 10!!!!

Its now, October and I had finished my last round of injections mid-August.  I continue to be amazed at people’s reactions who haven’t seen me in a while.  One colleague even re-introduced herself to me; and, I raised my sunglasses and said, “It’s me, Natalie, only 60 pounds lighter!”

I have a new, better and healthier lifestyle.  I have kept the weight off.  I have completely and consistently changed my eating habits, by only eating organic which is part of Ellen’s protocol.  I joined a gym and exercise regularly, enjoy relaxing sauna and go for long walks.  And once a week, I slide into those size 10 black jeans (which even now are a little baggy) to remind myself how great life is! Thank you Ellen and Dr. Dekel.

I feel Dr. Ostolski is great. She is very knowledgeable and concerned with her patients. She takes time to discussion solutions and make recommendations. I like the fact that she is understands both sides the holistic method and the chemical method for weight loss etc. Great personality and bedside manner; highly recommend her and her staff.
-Erica S.

Had a fantastic experience with Dr. Ostolski. I was seen pretty quickly upon arrival – the staff at the front desk was lovely and well organized. The doctor was delightful and made me feel very comfortable – it was easy to talk to her even about delicate issues. Part of my treatment involves self-injections which made me SUPER nervous – she took extra time to practice with me and I left feeling confident that I can handle it Have already recommended her to friends and family and will continue to do so!
-Lindsay S.

I did the HCG diet with Dr. Lebowitz. First of all, he’s a nice person and a very knowledgeable doctor. Also, I’m very happy with my weight loss. I recommend Dr. Lebowitz

The HCG protocol is amazing and it works! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but day by day and week by week I followed the protocol and have lost 20 pounds to date (I have less than a week to go). This is a very different weight loss experience compared to my own (failed) attempts with past diets. The weight came off under my arms, my belly, my legs, all the places you want to see less fat and more tone. Along the way it has also tuned me in a key fact, I was simply eating way too many carbs, consuming too much sugar (which is in everything) and generally eating too much.

I didn’t realize it though. It wasn’t until I started this program that I really developed much more awareness about my food choices. It took effort and planning and a dose of discipline in certain situations, but it’s very doable and the satisfaction of losing this weight, leading up to the holidays, is just incredible! I feel so much better and I’m proud of what I accomplished these last 5 weeks. The Azani staff is fabulous – they are very supportive and non-judgmental. They help you going wherever you are in your weight loss journey.

I had looked at other medical spas in the area, but I left those consults feeling sort of uneasy. Not so with Azani, from the first moment I contacted them, they have been nothing less than top-notch professionals. Azani Medical Spa will always be my choice for any services I choose to pursue for my health and wellness.

The system really works!!! The closer you follow the instructions the better the results. Coworkers joked that the fat was melting away. I have no will power, so if I got hungry I would have gorged, but I never did. The apple around 10am, lunch, apple around 3pm and dinner was enough for me. Water and tea throughout the day. Weight 232 to 201 during a one 6 week cycle!
-Ed G.

The team at Equilibrium is so positive and encouraging, offering great suggestions for keeping me focused on my goals and working through temptations. I had great success last year, but went through a trying time this fall so I’m looking forward to getting back on track so I can feel great gain. The program and staff are fantastic!! Results May Vary For Every Individual, And Nothing Is Guaranteed.
-J. G.

I highly recommend Equilibrium hCG Weight Loss Clinic.  I lost my weight with the help of Denise and Traci. They were always happy to answer any questions or offer a word of encouragement. I am now back for helpful maintenance tactics and continued encouragement. Results May Vary For Every Individual, And Nothing Is Guaranteed.
–Patti H.

Words cannot begin to express the amount of gratitude I have towards Equilibrium and its staff. I am currently on week 10 of my 12-week program and only 9 pounds away from my weight loss goal! When starting out on the HCG diet program Denise was extremely helpful by making sure I fully understood the program and addressed any questions or concerns I had. I have an appointment once a week where I do a weigh in with Traci, she makes sure that I am staying on track and always has words of motivation to spare. Equilibrium is the go-to place if you want to be successful on a weight loss program, not only are you choosing a diet plan that works but a positive environment that enforces success, you will be surrounded by people that genuinely want to see you meet your goal and I believe that is the ultimate key to weight loss victory.
–Rebecca I.

I have been struggling with my weight since I was 17 years old. When I was a senior in high school, I started my diet regimen and ever since then, I’ve gained and lost and gained and lost. I’ve tried many different strategies. It is really difficult to find something that works for you, though, and everyone else has their opinions of how to do it. It is kind of hard when someone who has never struggled with a food addiction or a weight issue, tries to tell you how they lost 2-5 pounds, and how to do it their way, as if it is the same as needing to lose 150 pounds. I’ve tried everything in the book, but have never really seen the results that I have with Equilibrium. About a year ago, I got married and before that, I went on my first journey with HCG. I lost about 40 pounds in 8 weeks!!! The diet with Equilibrium is really easy. I’m not hungry, I don’t have too many cravings, and if I do, I eat some veggies. Also, the help and encouraging environment you get from them is so amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!
–Faye H.

I have had such an awesome experience so far at Equilibrium! The staff is so friendly and encouraging. They are always there to give you helpful advice and recipes and are your biggest supporter through the entire process. And the diet/ process works!!! I highly recommend Equilibrium to anyone who is trying to shed the weight in a fast and friendly way.
–Danielle S.

This has been the only thing that has worked for me. So far I have lost 32 pounds. I would recommend them to everyone. They have a very supportive staff and they are there for you during your weight loss journey. I give them 5 stars.
–T. W.

If you have made the decision to lose weight, this is THE PLACE TO GO. I can’t say enough good things about the Dallas staff at Equilibrium and this process. At first, I was very skeptical and nervous in starting this journey. But after several conversations and emails with Denise before I even signed up, I knew I would be in good hands. That made all the difference in the world to me. I knew I wanted to be monitored on a weekly basis for the accountability, and the ongoing help, and also, having my blood work reviewed by a physician settled my mind that I was approaching this process in the most healthful way. Once I started, the weekly weigh-ins were reassuring that what I was doing was working, and if I had a slower loss than normal week, they were always able to make suggestions and help out. They even answered a few of my emails with questions after hours, which is so nice. The detailed data print out you receive each week with your progress update is amazing, and really help you see the progress you are making. Everyone at this office is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable, and they really want to you to succeed to reach your goal. I would encourage anyone who is considering HCG to lose weight, to go to Equilibrium. You won’t be disappointed.
–Dina V.

The staff were all so encouraging and had helpful suggestions to keep me focused on my weight loss goal. I am so much healthier and feel great about how I look now. This has been a very positive experience. The staff were all so encouraging and had helpful suggestions to keep me focused on my weight loss goal. I am so much healthier and feel great about how I look now. I truly recommend this program to lose unwanted pounds and maintain a healthy eating plan.
–Lynn D.

My name is Paula. I started HCG in 2012 with Selah. This was my 2nd time doing HCG. After doing a 40-day program with a different facility and only losing 20 pounds, I still wanted to lose more. I paid a lot the first time and was extremely hungry during my diet. I was able to do some research before beginning the HCG again and found Selah MediSpa. Not only could I do a 4-week program at less than half the price of the previous facility, the HCG was better and it controlled my hunger 100% more. I highly recommend Selah to anyone wanting to lose for the first time. It is much more affordable and the staff is extremely helpful. They give you a chance to see how you feel having the option to continue to a longer period of time without feeling like you have lost money.
–Paula H.

My name is Diana. I came to Selah Medi-Spa because I was overweight, have diabetes, and high blood pressure. My first 6 weeks with Selah I lost 38 lbs. on HCG, the second time I tried 4 weeks and lost 22 lbs. My blood work is now normal and I have lost 4 dress sizes. I was never hungry and felt great with this diet. I took Super Slim Shots and used the Ionic Cleanse to aide with my weight loss. It really works, I even lost most of my belly fat. Selah has everything you need to help with weight loss and to make you look better after. Viora, Juvederm, and Botox have also helped me to look my very best after my weight loss. Selah’s surroundings are peaceful and luxurious, and the staff are very great and extremely helpful.
–Diana T.

I feel like a new person after being on the HCG program! As I got older, I noticed the pounds slowly creeping up on the scale, and as my metabolism changed, it became harder to shed those pounds. As my two boys got older, our schedules got busier and our healthy eating habits got off track. I felt miserable in my clothes and wanted to set a good example for my kids. I knew we needed to make a change.

I had tried several things in the past to lose weight—food diaries, natural supplements. I had considered joining Weight Watchers or Slim 4 Life but the thought of doing a weight loss program for the rest of my life depressed me.

The HCG program was a great fit for me. I won’t sugar-coat it; the first couple weeks were difficult but once my body adjusted, it helped me develop a healthier eating plan and focus on my goals. And when I saw the pounds coming off, it motivated me to stick with it. Plus, my energy level increased which was an added bonus!

I am now on maintenance and it is going well. I made it through Christmas eating a few goodies while maintaining my weight. Because I am more aware of how my body processes foods, it’s easier for me to choose healthy foods during the week with occasional “fun” foods on the weekends. I feel great!
-Karen D.

My entire life I have had struggled with body image, maintaining my weight, and how I viewed food. I was terrified to weigh myself, so I never did. I would make up for “bad days” of eating by exercising like a beast or going to the other extreme and eating anything I wanted and as much as I wanted of it. Even when I was at my smallest I still thought I needed to lose weight. It was a never-ending battle. I was always able to stay between a size 4 and 8, however, when I had our first child I allowed myself to completely give in to emotional eating and gained 40 more pounds than I should have during normal pregnancy. The stress of our life revealed the struggles I had always had with body image and food. No matter what I tried, nothing worked. I felt hopeless and controlled by food and exercise.

In order to change my heart had to change, meaning, the way I viewed food and my body. I was too comfortable in the misery of turning to food in my times of need. I decided to speak with Susan this past summer about the HCG diet and decided that it was going to take something drastic to help me change.  Over the course of 3 months I lost 30lbs and over 10% body fat. I went from a size 14 to a size 6. That’s amazing right?! However, I consider my biggest victory in finishing the diet and being able to maintain the weight I lost was only because of a heart change. I HAD to rely on my source of strength, and for me, that came from Christ. I learned and am still learning that food is not what I need to run to for comfort, but rather Jesus.

I am thankful for Life Stream and Susan’s Staff. Michelle was my ultimate encourager. I would definitely recommend the HCG diet to anyone who is ready for change.
-Melissa D.

When the team at Life Stream recommend HCG, I was skeptical… It sounded too good to be true…. BUT at 265lbs and just about every measurable Health concern staring me in the face, I had to make a drastic change. Working in the food industry, I am surrounded by temptation every day, every hour and I had very little self-control. Once my mind was in the right place and I was committed to making a change, HCG got me started, and boy did it ever. I followed the program in EVERY detail and lost 25lbs in two weeks and it didn’t slow down. After 7 weeks of following the HCG program I had lost 64lbs in total. Simply amazing. Since completing HCG and making significant habit changes in my diet and physical activity I have lost almost 70lbs and feel great!
-Mark P.

I am writing this because #1 this changed my life and #2 I hope this helps someone else too. Dr. Ferrel is the EXPERT on bio identical hormone replacement therapy and so much more. I don’t even know where to begin. My thyroid was a mess and she not only was available for me 24-7 but taught me everything about the treatment I was receiving and CARED! The staff was so sweet and for once someone listened to me. I think she used to work in Los Angeles she said so she knows what she is doing. When I signed up they were running a promo for the HCG Weight Loss Diet and I had the fastest most rapid weight loss of my life! She does other things like Latisse and spot fat reduction. I bought Latisse and it was good too. I am 38 now and it is now easy to lose weight.
-Reyna R.

I first visited Dr. Amanda Brimhall at Waterfront Wellness 3 years ago for weight loss. She introduced me to the HCG protocol and monitored me over a 45-day period while I lost 35 pounds. I learned more about her practice during that time and discovered she specialized in anti-aging medicine. On future visits, she monitored my hormone levels and switched me to a bio-identical hormone cream to help with menopause symptoms before they even started. Definitely worth it after all I have heard about the horrors of menopause. I have had none of the symptoms and don’t expect to ever have any! I now see her every year for my annual physical and her advice gets me through the following year. Her office is conveniently located off of Exit #18 on I-5. Just follow the main street through Kirkland and when the road ends, veer to the right and she is in the next block on the right side. Her office is set-up with all the staples to ward off aging. Dr. Brimhall stocks a medical grade skin care line that I am incorporating into my daily routine and it is making a big difference. Plus, all the supplements she recommends are available on her shelf at the completion of your check-up. Definitely a one-stop shop for all your health-care needs.

Corinne Furnari, PA, CCN

Corinne Furnari, PA, CCN

321 A W. 24th St.
New York, New York 10011