Lionel Bissoon, D.O.

Lionel Bissoon, D.O.

10 West 74th Street Suite 1E
New York City, New York 10023

Doctor Lionel Bissoon D.O. - New York City HCG Diet Doctor

Doctor Lionel Bissoon is a New York City based HCG Diet Doctor specializing in anti-aging therapies and cosmetic medicine. As a practicing physician for twenty years, Dr. Bissoon has extensive experience working with many different types of patients, and he believes that a personal approach with each patient is the most effective way to provide healthcare to his patients. The New York City office of Doctor Lionel Bissoon takes a person’s total wellness into consideration when designing a weight loss program that is right for them. Each patient’s body is different from the next, so establishing a personal connection to each patient helps Dr. Bissoon to get an accurate picture of any and all medical conditions that may be affecting weight loss and overall well-being. This enables the doctor to make the best possible recommendations and design the most effective HCG Diet plan for each individual.

Additional Services Offered by Dr. Lionel Bissoon

  • Personalized HCG Diet plans
  • Hormone therapy and optimization
  • Medical weight loss
  • Mesotherapy
Today Doctor Bissoon serves patients in New York City and the surrounding New York Metropolitan areas, providing expertly planed personalized HCG Diet plans, among many other alternative medicine and cosmetic medicine therapies. He has been using HCG hormone supplementation to help countless patients achieve their weight loss goals in a discrete and personal environment since 1990.